The Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation Facility is comprised of over 1,000 square feet of lab working space and about 1,000 square feet of culture growth space. The culture growth space includes four large computer controlled Conviron Walk-In culture rooms, ten Percival Scientific chamber units, and a Sanyo chamber/incubator. The 1,000 plus square feet of lab space contains a media preparation area, a media kitchen hosting a glass washer and autoclave, and a functional lab composed of bench space, lab equipment and laminar flow hoods.

The facility operates both as a full-service facility delivering transgenics and cell cultures to researchers and a self-service facility providing high quality space for researchers to use for their own specific project needs.

Services available include full-service transformations and cell/ tissue culture in many different plant species, project consultation, training workshops, self-service hood usage and offering high quality growth space. The transformation and tissue culture facility staff has developed a portfolio of transformation and tissue culture systems such as: Setaria, tobacco, petunia, tomato, Arabidopsis, soybean, Indian mustard, maize, rice and various different cell cultures. Within the facility, researchers have also produced cassava, sweet potato, and potato. Transformation systems will be added, developed, inherited, or modified as needed; to suit the researcher’s project needs. 


Veena Veena, PhD, MBA

Director, Plant Tissue Culture & Transformation Facility


975 N. Warson Road
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: 314-587-1435
Fax: 314-587-1535
E-Mail: vveena@danforthcenter.org



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