We are a unique organization that does fundamental research about how plants work – how they grow, how they capture the energy of the sun, how they resist diseases. But we do not stop there: we find ways to translate that knowledge into useful crops and products that solve real problems. To do this, we partner with organizations around the world that can deliver solutions to the people who need it most.

Institute for International Crop Improvement

The Institute for International Crop Improvement focuses on increasing the productivity and nutritional value of staple food crops in developing regions of the world that are generally underserved by commercial agriculture.

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Subterranean Influences on Nitrogen and Carbon (SINC) Center

Synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is a major contributor to climate change and environmental pollution. The Subterranean Influences on Nitrogen and Carbon (SINC) Center is dedicated to developing technology that reduces the need for nitrogen fertilizer used in agriculture.

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car Institute

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels focuses on the development of plant-based materials, or feedstocks, for bioenergy that are more environmentally sustainable and higher in energy content.

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Research Areas

Interactive teams of scientists at the Danforth Center focus research at the nexus of food security and the environment to address some of the most important global challenges of the 21st century. We seek to increase agricultural productivity to sustainably feed people today and nearly 10 billion people by the middle of the century, and to do so with a lower environmental footprint and with fewer natural resources.

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Research Internships

Immersive lab experiences and strong mentors are essential to fostering the next generation of plant scientists. Our summer internship program exposes students to all aspects of modern scientific research, from design to experimentation to reporting. By pairing each intern with a faculty mentor, students gain unique insight into the process and training involved in becoming a scientist, and the broader impact of scientific discovery. 

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Technology Transfer & Innovation

While scientific discoveries are happening in our labs, the impact happens in the field. We provide outstanding plant science research so new technologies can get out into the marketplace and create solutions for some of our most pressing challenges. From emerging start-ups to large corporations, we collaborate with a broad range of partners to facilitate the impact of our science.

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