Unlocking the Power of Plants

Our scientists are growing so much more than plants. They’re growing new ways to think about food, fuel, and fiber. New possibilities for cleaner air and water. And healthier crops and more productive farming communities to support global food security.

Impact and Connections


members of the National Academy of Sciences


scientific teams with 199 funded projects


startup companies launched by faculty

Principal Investigators
Science as a Public Service

We are proud of the community we have created. The work led by our principal investigators aims to solve some of the most important problems in agriculture. It is this responsibility that inspires them every day.

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Core Facilities
Nurturing Innovation

Our core facilities enable young companies to bring unique new technologies to life. Their work exists at the very edge of what’s possible, inspiring others along the way. In a world facing climate and resource challenges that place tremendous pressure on food production and accessibility, new plant science discoveries could heal our planet while improving lives.

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Where Theory Comes to Life

We are working on tomorrow’s problems today. Next generation medicines, low-emission fuels, crops that produce more food with less water — and are allies in our carbon sequestration efforts? Plants are motivating us to dream big.

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Education Outreach
Sharing Our Science

We are humbled by the prospect of inspiring the next generation — and proud of the opportunities we provide. That’s why we partner with universities, educators, and students of all ages to help bring our mission and vision to the world.

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