An essential part of plant science is understanding how plants respond to their environment. One way our scientists can measure this is by monitoring a plant’s phenotype, such as leaf size and shape, root structure, growth rate in particular conditions, and more. In our Phenotyping Facility, the first of its kind at an academic research institute in the U.S., our scientists are able to gather an unprecedented amount of data about the plants they are studying. This data is used to develop improved and sustainable crops that are better able to withstand conditions like drought and extreme temperatures.

Bellwether Foundation Phenotyping Facility

The Bellwether Foundation Phenotyping Facility is an integrated growth chamber and imaging facility.

Applications: The Bellwether Facility provides high capacity, high-throughput phenotyping in a controlled environment to characterize how plants respond to different environments, treatments, and genetics. Results include information related to plant growth, plant development, and plant stress responses.

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Facility Fees

The Phenotyping Facility offers competitive pricing for commercial and academic clients, with additional discounts for small businesses. For current pricing, please contact Katie Murphy, Director of Phenotyping and Principal Investigator.

Meet the Team

Katie Murphy

Director of Phenotyping and Principal Investigator

Leonardo Chavez

Administrative Laboratory Manager

Joseph Duenwald

Phenotyping Specialist

Daniel Mullins

Phenotyping Technician

Dhiraj Srivastava

Phenotyping Data Scientist I

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