The Danforth Center’s Core Facilities accelerate discovery by providing scientists with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology with which to expand and attain their research endeavors.

High quality services are offered to both internal and external clients, and training/access is available to scientists interested in developing knowledge and skills in the specific areas of expertise available in the facilities.

Bioinformatics Core
This physical and intellectual infrastructure facilitates the bioinformatic computing and storage needs of members of the Danforth Center community. Physically, the core is a modular, virtualized, cloud-based framework that provides a foundation for expansion of computing and storage resources by the Danforth Center and individual laboratories or groups.
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Integrated Microscopy  
The Danforth Center’s Integrated Microscopy Facility (IMF) provides Center scientists with the best possible instruments for imaging plant cells and understanding their cell biology. Specialized microscopes enable investigators to integrate light microscopy, for live cell imaging, and electron microscopy, for high resolution imaging, into their study of plant cells. 
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Plant Phenotyping
The Bellwether Foundation Phenotyping Facility is the Danforth Center’s newest core technology is and is comprised of a custom, controlled environment growth house, fully integrated with a 3D imaging platform. This automated, high-throughput platform allows multi-parametric, non-destructive analysis of up to 1140 small to medium sized plants at multiple time points over a desired growth period.
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Plant Growth
The Danforth Center's Plant Growth Facility (PGF) is a state-of-the-art facility built for research product development. The PGF provides its users with a variety of plant growth spaces and climates as well as expert horticultural services.
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Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry 
The facility provides scientists with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology designed to facilitate the exploration of complex biological systems. Providing high quality biomolecule analyses and first-rate publication quality results for all clients, the facility trains and serves internal as well as external scientists. Services include qualitative/quantitative proteomics and metabolomics analysis including sample preparation.
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Tissue Culture and Transformation
The Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation Facility is comprised of over 1000 sq. ft. lab working space and about 1000 sq. ft. of culture growth space. The facility operates both as a full-service facility delivering transgenics and cell cultures to researchers and a self-service facility providing high quality space for researchers to use for their own specific project needs. Services available include transformations and cell/tissue culture in many different plant species, project consultation, training workshops, self-service hood usage and offering high quality growth space. 
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