Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels

Working to get Sustainable Bioenergy Crops in Pipeline

Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable sources of energy is imperative for our future.  Solar and wind power are part of the solution, but not a complete answer. Current sources of biofuels compete with food crops and cannot be scaled to provide the sustainable sources of energy the world’s growing population needs. 

At the Danforth Center, we are exploring how plants harness the energy of sunlight.  We’re using that knowledge to develop technologies to increase the potential of oilseed crops, algae and bioenergy grasses to sustainably replace fossil fuels. 

Our work is designed to enhance the yield and quality of bioenergy crops, lower environmental impact and drive private sector development.  The ultimate goal is to see production of sustainable bioenergy crops that won’t take up land needed for growing food, as the demand for both increases.

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Institute for International Crop Improvement

Turning Discoveries into Food Security for People

In many places, crops that hundreds of millions of people depend on for their lives and livelihoods are threatened by floods, drought, pests, diseases and more.  Lack of key nutrients stunts the lifetime health and well-being of many more millions of children.

Danforth Center scientists seek to translate discoveries in plant health, disease and pest management, genomics, advanced breeding and nutrition, to staple crops that impact food security and are underserved by commercial agriculture.

In addition to feeding the hungry, these efforts have the potential to contribute to environmental health.  They reduce the use of harmful chemicals and stabilize communities by empowering farmers to become self-sufficient. Recent work has focused on cassava, sweet potato, rice, corn, cowpea, sorghum, banana and millet.

In addition, teams of research scientists, Danforth Center field specialists and support staff collaborate with international and local partner organizations on issues critical to delivering these advances to the place where people are in the most need. As that need continues to grow, the need for discoveries that positively impact these communities grows with it.

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