The Plant Growth Facility staff provides a number of services to researchers including watering, fertilization, and pest scouting. In addition, common supplies such as soils, pots, trays, stakes, and bags are provided at no extra cost.

PGF Standard Services

  • Programming and monitoring of computer-controlled environments
  • Watering 365 days a year
  • Maintenance of proper soil fertility levels
  • Pest scouting and control measures
  • Adjusting and maintaining supplemental lighting and photoperiod control
  • Greenhouse maintenance and routine sanitation
  • Setting up automated irrigation systems where appropriate
  • Advise and assist with planting and repotting crops when time permits. Users must give advance notice. If the estimated time for one PGF staff member involvement is to be more than 1 hour, a week’s notice is required and charges will be incurred (see below). Otherwise, 24 hour notice is sufficient if time is available. 

Supplies provided for users’ potting needs

  • Potting mixes, vermiculite, perlite, sand, Turface©
  • Various sizes of standard plastic greenhouse pots, trays, plug trays, cell inserts and nursery containers
  • Rooting hormone
  • Carts for transport
  • Small supply items such as bamboo stakes, twist ties, pruners and pot labels

PGF Extended Services (beyond standard level) 
These services may be offered based on time and labor availability. An additional charge is required for the below services.  Contact PGF Manager for pricing information. 

  • Planting or transplanting
  • Tissue culture transfers to soil, propagation/potting of cuttings, stakes, etc.
  • Crop specific record keeping and labeling
  • Seed harvesting, cleaning, packaging
  • Pollinating and bagging of inflorescences
  • Staking and pruning of plants
  • Tissue sampling
  • Moving plants from or between potting rooms and growth areas, unless move is initiated by PGF staff
  • Any other service requiring beyond standard level of care

Users should take an active role in monitoring their crops by:

  • Planning space needs and supply needs in advance. If supplies needed are not the standard ones kept on hand, a two week notice is required.  Users may be charged for special request supplies. 
  • Using the plant transfer record (PTR) system and tags when placing plants in facility
  • Spacing plants properly to ensure air movement and access for watering, as determined by the staff
  • Giving instructions and feedback to the greenhouse team
  • Monitoring for insects and diseases (in addition to greenhouse team’s program)
  • Keeping growth areas and work areas sanitary and orderly
  • Notifying the manager when an experiment is terminated
  • Removing all PTR tags before plant disposal and checking them out of the PTR system
  • Returning of used trays and large pots to the potting room for reuse