Mindy Darnell, Manager 
(314) 587-1617

Mindy manages Phenotyping Facility operations and maintenance, supervision and development of facility staff, facility SOP/policies, facility budget/pricing, technology development and customer relations. In addition to general management responsibilities, Mindy also acts as a project manager for all high-throughput phenotyping experiments using the LemnaTec Scanalyzer system and is available to consult with researchers on experimental design and logistics. it is highly recommended to include her in the early stages of experiment planning.

Leonardo Chavez
, Technician 

Leonardo handles day-to-day operations, troubleshooting and maintenance of the LemnaTec Scanalyzer system. In addition, he manages the check-out, training and maintenance of several other shared pieces of equipment. Leonardo is available to provide other services as his time allows (see Services). When he is not busy with Phenotyping projects, Leonardo is actively involved in the Maker group and frequently volunteers to help out with Center-wide activities.