Data Science

Our scientists utilize vast amounts of data in their research. Our Data Science Facility creates custom tools, approaches, and infrastructure that enables them to interpret and analyze a high volume of data quickly and accurately.

By serving as our computing and data analytics hub, the Data Science team develops and deploys technologies in computer science, mathematics, and statistics to accelerate discoveries from data and models in plant science.

Data Science Tools

The Data Science Facility manages a research computing infrastructure that includes:

  • High-performance computing and analysis workflow management on an HTCondor cluster
  • Hybrid cloud computing support
  • Virtualized applications using machine- and container-level virtualization, including web/database application hosting
  • Large-scale high-performance distributed data storage and archival data storage

Data Science Services

User Services: The Data Science team creates login accounts and environments for each registered user. User accounts provide access to authentication services, managed software repositories, training, and help desk support via Slack and email.

Computing Services: Use of the high-performance computing cluster, web/database server hosting, Shiny app hosting, and access to Jupyter notebooks.

Storage Services: Use of the high-performance distributed data storage system and archival data storage tools.

Additional Services

  • Consultation on the development of computational, data analysis, and experimental design components of proposals.
  • Assistance with editing of computational and statistical analysis sections of manuscripts.
  • Analysis services, ranging from whole project consulting to individual analyses.

Data Science Fees

The Data Science Facility offers competitive pricing for commercial and academic clients, with additional discounts for small businesses.

For current pricing, please contact Noah Fahlgren, Data Science Director and Principal Investigator.

Data Science Resources

Meet the Team

Noah Fahlgren, PhD

Director and Principal Investigator

Parag Bhatt

Data Science Trainer

Mao Li, PhD

Senior Research Scientist & Principal Investigator

Haley Schuhl

Data Scientist II

Dhiraj Srivastava

Data Scientist I

Josh Sumner

Data Scientist II

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