The Donald Danforth Society

Membership in the Donald Danforth Society is a special honor that celebrates the generosity and philanthropic spirit of Donald Danforth, Sr. and Donald Danforth, Jr. Annual contributions start at $1,000 and are a powerful way to express support for the mission and work of the Danforth Plant Science Center.

Members receive numerous benefits and opportunities, including:

  • Invitations to exclusive receptions and events with leaders at the Center, including our annual donor appreciation event Plantasia;
  • Opportunities to interact with leading plant scientists and gain insights into their research;
  • Special recognition in Center publications and on our Donor Honor Wall;
  • Regular updates about upcoming programs and the future plans and vision for the Center;
  • Occasions to network and connect with people who share a commitment to our region and our world.

Want to join the Danforth Society? Donate today.


Now is a great time to join. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1,000 when you join the Danforth Society for the first time or return from having lapsed as a member.

For first-time Danforth Society members, there is a special opportunity to join at a discount as part of a 2-year ramp: donate $500 the first year and be matched at $500 to become a full Danforth Society member with all the benefits that entails. In the second year, your gift of $750 will be matched by $250. By the third year, we hope Danforth Society membership will be part of your regular annual giving.