Donald MacKenzie,


Executive Director of Institute for International Crop Improvement

Don MacKenzie is an international expert in regulatory systems for agriculture, including environmental risk assessment, biosafety and food safety assessments. His extensive experience in plant product development and global regulatory processes aligns with the Institute’s commitment to collaborate with international and local partner organizations to deliver crops with improved nutritional content and disease resistance to places where people are in most need. Don joined the Danforth Center from the International Rice Research Institute where he spent three years as a Regulatory Affairs and Stewardship Leader on the Golden Rice Project. His proven track record of working with diverse stakeholder groups to achieve progressive policy outcomes was critical in his role as the Canola Global Regulatory Lead at Dupont Pioneer and Regulatory Affairs Leader for Dupont Pioneer Canada, where he provided direction and coordination across all regulatory and registration activities for canola globally. Prior, he was the Executive Vice President at Agbios, Inc., and coordinated biotechnology policy within the Health Protection Branch as the Health Canada Head, Science Policy Division. In 2012, Don was named the International 2012 Leadership and Excellence in Agriculture by CropLife. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia, Canada.