Support the Danforth Plant Science Center: Where Discovery Yields Impact

The Danforth Plant Science Center was founded in the belief that new discoveries and innovations in plant science are essential for overcoming some of the greatest challenges that face this and future generations:

  • 842 million people, or approximately one in eight worldwide, are undernourished.
  • Global energy demand is projected to double over the next 40 years. 
  • Agriculture accounts for 70% of global water use. At the current rate of consumption, by 2025, two out of three people may live in water-stressed conditions. 
  • Global food production needs to increase by at least 60% by 2050. 

Using innovative approaches in a dynamic and collaborative research environment, our scientists are unlocking the full potential of plants to provide sustainable solutions that will improve the human condition and the health of our planet.

Donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations enable the Center to develop and install new scientific equipment, secure major research grants, expand K-12 education programs, train young scientists, and more.

Your gift is vital to our continued progress in every area of our work.

Discovery and Innovation

Our scientists are making rapid progress toward understanding fundamental plant processes, leading to the development of nutritionally-balanced staple crops, drought and pest resistant plants, sources for renewable biofuels, and higher-yield harvests.

Education and Community Outreach

Our education and training programs are providing sophisticated equipment and engaging lesson plans to K-12 classrooms throughout the St. Louis region, helping students to develop the skills to become the next generation of scientists and inventors. 

Economic Growth and Development

Our community-building efforts are helping to create economic growth in the St. Louis region, generating new companies, new jobs, and new investment opportunities in plant science, biotechnology, and related fields.