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Title Lead Inventor(s)  US App/ Patent No. Technology Reference No.
Increasing the Content of Long Chain Fatty Acids in Seed Oil Sam Wang,
Maoyin Li
 14/866,125  DDPSC0050*
Methods for High Yield Production of Terpenes Toni Kutchan  9,534,227 DDPSC0035*
Enhanced Oil Production and Stress Tolerance in Plants Sona Pandey 14/905,394 DDPSC0048*
Homologous Recombination via Transcriptional Activation Blake Meyers,
Rebecca Bart
Provisional DDPSC0088
Synthetic Induction of 22nt tasiRNAs Blake Meyers PCT/US18/56924 DDPSC0092*
Morphinan N-Demethylase Isolated from the Methylobacterium Thebainfresser and Methods of use thereof Toni Kutchan,
Megan Augustin
 PCT/US18/014271 DDPSC0078*
Methods for Increasing Resistance to Cotton Bacterial Blight and Plants Produced thereby Rebecca Bart PCT/US18/26637 DDPSC0076*
Glyphosate Tolerant Plants having Modified 5-Enolpyrubylshikimate-3-Phosphate Synthase Gene Regulation Rebecca Bart,
Nigel Taylor
16/069,703 DDPSC0074*

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