The Allen lab is developing analytical methods to examine the partitioning of carbon into biomass and oil.

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         Ivan Baxter, Ph.D.
The Baxter lab studies how plants adapt to their environment to identify genes that will allow for growth on more marginal soils with fewer inputs.

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The Carrington lab develops high-throughput plant phenotyping technologies to identify the genetic basis for traits to improve biofuel crops.

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         Toni Kutchan, Ph.D.
The Kutchan lab enhances seed oil quality in cover crops for use as biofuels and as production platforms for fine chemicals.

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The Mockler lab focuses on developing genomic resources for bioenergy crops and predicting plant performance from genomic datasets.

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The Nusinow lab investigates how the environment influences growth and seed oil content to improve biofuel production.

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         James Umen, Ph.D.
The Umen lab investigates the model green alga Chlamydomonas to understand how oils can be increased in algal systems.

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      Sam Wang, Ph.D.
The Wang lab is focused on enhancing seed oil content and composition for biodiesel applications.

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