The Allen lab is interested in enhancing photosynthetic performance in crops through quantitative descriptions of carbon and nitrogen metabolism.

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The Bart lab is exploring the microbiome of energy sorghum in search of microbial consortia capable of promoting fitness in water and nitrogen limited environments.

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      Ivan Baxter, Ph.D.
The Baxter lab studies how plants adapt to their environment to identify genes that will allow for growth on more marginal soils with fewer inputs.

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         Chris Topp, Ph.D.
The Topp lab focuses on the deposition of energy into subterranean plant structures as well as into the rhizosphere to foster nutrient uptake and plant-microbe interactions.

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The Eveland lab studies gene networks controlling growth and development of bioenergy grasses and how they respond to changing environments.

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         Elizabeth Kellogg, Ph.D.
The Kellogg lab studies the grasses of the North American prairies and African savannas, focusing on plant architecture, photosynthesis, and seed production.

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The Mockler lab focuses on developing genomic resources for bioenergy crops and predicting plant performance from genomic datasets.

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