Happy Thanksgiving (2023): A Message from Danforth Center Chair Todd Schnuck

On behalf of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, I am writing to express our gratitude at this Thanksgiving time of year for your support and commitment to our mission. Your generosity and dedication have been instrumental in advancing the critical work of Danforth Center plant scientists to bring food security and environmental sustainability to the world.

The Danforth Center's groundbreaking research is transforming the future of food security in Africa and Asia. There is now insect-resistant cowpea for the people of West Africa, approved in both Nigeria and Ghana. There’s also virus-resistant cassava in the second year of national performance trials in Kenya. An improved version of the Ethiopian grain teff is in development. And vitamin-A enriched rice is now in the hands of a growing group of Filippino schoolchildren and pregnant women, where it is one of a suite of remedies to combat vitamin A deficiency, the leading cause of childhood blindness.

Your contributions have been instrumental in enabling us to develop innovative solutions that address the unique challenges faced by communities in these regions. By working together, we are sowing the seeds of hope and progress for a world where hunger and malnutrition can become relics of the past.

As the Board Chair of the Danforth Center and as CEO of Schnuck Markets, I understand the profound impact that access to nutritious food can have on communities and individuals. Food is more than merely sustenance; it is the cornerstone of well-being and prosperity. It also represents family and home.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is with grateful appreciation that we acknowledge your role in our ongoing mission. Together, we are building a brighter, more sustainable future for our global community, rooted in the power of science and the generosity of individuals like you. As I conclude my five years as Chair of the Danforth Center board, I again thank you for your support.


Todd R. Schnuck
Chair, Board of Directors