Douglas Allen: Our Dependence on Plants

Plants are everywhere. They’re so common that we often take them for granted.

Doug Allen and his lab are well-aware of our universal dependence on plants to meet our basic needs — not only as sources of food, but also by producing fuel, fiber, plastic products, adhesives, detergents, and other items that are traditionally derived from petroleum resources. Plants also produce the oxygen we breathe, consume carbon dioxide, detoxify soil and water, and basically work to counteract many of the problems that human intervention has created. Simply put, we could not survive without plants.

“Plants provide sustenance but also greatly impact quality of life. For many reasons, life on this planet would not be possible or bearable without plants,” explains Doug.

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I'm motivated by studies that can give us insights to how plants work at a mechanistic level. The thought that we may explain something in the lab that no one else has figured out is awe-striking and worthy of the effort.

Doug Allen, PhD,
USDA Research Scientist, Member