Dilip Shah, Ph.D.

Dilip is involved in studying plant-fungal pathogen interactions and developing strategies for the development of fungal disease resistant transgenic crops.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Meet the New Principal Investigators at the Danforth Center

Strategic New Hires Strengthen Research, Education and Expertise
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

TechAccel Invests in New Class of Antifungal Technology to Protect Crop Yields

Second “Path to Commercialization” Grant Awarded to Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
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Saturday, 04 November 2017

(Forbes) Collaboration Provides Hope In The Battle Against Mycotoxin Induced Cancer In The Developing World

There is new hope for a solution to this vexing health issue based on a recent collaboration between groups of scientists in the US and in India.
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Wednesday, 01 November 2017

Scientists Develop Groundnut Resistant to Aflatoxin

Discovery could reduce food waste and improve trade
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Monday, 22 September 2014

A Postdoctoral Associate Explores Fungal Pathogens

Roots & Shoots’ September Guest blogger, Kaoutar El Mounadi, Ph.D., from Dilip Shah's Lab explains her research on how to devise more effective strategies for genetic engineering of resistance to fungal and oomycete pathogens in transgenic plants and to ensure their mammalian and crop safety.
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