Chris Topp, Ph.D.

I see a direct path from my work to helping clean up our rivers, streams and oceans.  At the Danforth Center, we talk about the impact of our research every day.  That’s what we lead with every time.  It keeps us on task and on mission.

Globus File Transfer

Globus Connect is a file sharing service that provides fast and stable transfers for very large (Tb) or very many files.
Here’s what you need to know to connect to our Globus endpoint:
  1. Install Globus Connect Personal
  2. Follow the instructions to configure your local endpoint
  3. From https://www.globus.org/app/transfer, log in with your Globus credentials and choose Transfer Files.
  4. Enter your connect personal endpoint information and click the Go button
  5. Enter our Danforth Center endpoint as the secondary endpoint:  Danforth Center Bioinformatics
  6. Enter the username:  ddpscglobus with the password: Yb11&rDA%T
  7. You will see the topp_lab folder
  8. Attempt a large file transfer from our server to your local endpoint

                                                      FOR MORE INFO GO HERE

 Data available for download via Globus Connect: 

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          2. 2. Li et al. Plant Physiology 2018