Discovery with Impact

Realizing the full potential of plants as solutions to hunger and malnutrition, renewable energy, and sustainable development of economies depends on innovative science. By the next generation, we must double the productivity of our most important crops to meet the demands of a growing worldwide population.

Danforth Center scientists are in daily pursuit of sustainable solutions to the most critical challenges of our time.  Scientific discoveries at the Center will improve agricultural productivity and sustainability, and will yield more abundant sources of nutritious food, plant-derived medicines and energy.

Discovery and innovation thrive in an environment that is nurturing, dynamic and inclusive. Our scientists are part of a community of individuals and organizations—in St. Louis, the region, and around the world—with a shared commitment to use scientific expertise and technology to solve the most critical problems facing humanity.

These solutions have the potential to lift families, communities and nations from poverty, creating global economic growth and security for future generations. 

Our Principal Investigators

The Danforth Center supports twenty scientific teams that employ approximately 170 scientists from 24 countries, and that are led by Principal Investigators and Institute Directors. The teams include visiting scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other trainees. The Center’s Principal Investigators, which include a member of the National Academy of Science and elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and The Leopoldina, hold adjunct faculty appointments at seven universities and colleges.

Learn More About the Danforth Center

  • Principal Investigators

    Explore the work of Danforth Center Principal Investigators and their scientific teams. 

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  • Research Institutes

    The Danforth Center is home to two research institutes that focus on developing bioenergy and improving food security crops. 

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  • Core Technologies

    Danforth Center core technologies provide state-of-the art facilities to accelerate scientific discovery and application. 

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  • Research Areas

    Explore Danforth Center labs by research focus areas.  

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  • Technology Transfer

    The Danforth Center is committed to moving our discoveries from the laboratories to the field.  

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  • Research Integrity

    The Danforth Center is committed to the highest standards of scientific and ethical conduct.  

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