Committee for Scientific Training and Mentoring

The Committee for Scientific Training and Mentoring exists to bring career training and development opportunities to the scientific staff within the Danforth Center, foster a sense of community through scientific discussions and social functions, and facilitate communication throughout all levels of the center. Every non-PI scientific employee that joins the DDPSC community is automatically a CSTM member and is welcome to participate in all CSTM hosted events and make use of all CSTM resources.

CSTM logoOne of the great things about being in CSTM is that you get to listen to what your community needs and organize to meet those needs

Kong Wong, Post Doctoral Associate,
2022 CSTM Co-Chair


CSTM Events

  • BioBash is an annual career networking and job fair event for young scientists. BioBash aims to educate and bring together the scientific community in St. Louis and discuss the broad range of career opportunities in life sciences. Scientists at all levels of their fields are invited to join! Read more about BioBash 2023.
  • Lunch discussions with invited seminar speakers.

Career Training

  • Resume workshop
  • Career fair prep workshop
  • Networking and negotiation workshop
  • Social/networking events
  • Travel awards: Three times per year, CSTM offers grants to help cover the costs of trainees to travel to conferences, and pay registration fees for in-person or virtual training experiences like workshops and non-degree courses

2024 CSTM Co-Chairs

Melette DeVore

Research Associate

Bravo Lab

Myia Elliott

Senior Laboratory Technician

Carrington Lab

Vanessica Jawahir

Postdoctoral Associate

Nusinow Lab

Dhiraj Srivastava

Data Scientist I


Lily O'ConnorĀ 

CSTM Outreach and Responsible Conduct of Research Chair

Graduate Student
Meyers Lab

Luis Gomez-Luciano

CSTM Seminar Coordinator

Postdoctoral Associate
Shah Lab

Seth Edwards

Graduate Student Ambassador

Slotkin Lab

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