Supporters since the Beginning: Janet & the late Jim Knight

Before Jim Knight passed away in September 2018, he and his wife Janet sat down for a chat about their long-time support of the Danforth Center and how they first become involved.

“Well, as with most married couples, it’s really all about my wife,” said Jim Knight, laughing. Jim’s wife Janet had a close friend at college: Elizabeth “Ibby” Gray, who later married Bill Danforth. When the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center was founded in 1998, the Knights were among Dr. Danforth’s earliest supporters. “We’re great admirers of Bill,” said Janet. “He can be very persuasive without ever asking,” Jim added, again with a chuckle.

Both Knights credited the “vision and values” as reasons why they supported the Center for over two decades. “When you learn people aren’t fed properly, you just have to do something,” said Jim. “The Danforth Center’s cassava project really matters.”

Jim and Janet were members of the Danforth Center’s Legacy Society for years after including a gift in their estate plans. Before he passed, Jim said “Janet and I feel the Danforth Center’s mission needs to be supported into the future beyond our lifetimes.”

When you make a planned gift to the Danforth Center, you create a legacy of hope for people around the world. And some gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, can make a difference for both others and yourself. Through their support, the Knights have helped to fund early-stage projects, training, and technology that have the potential to help feed the world.

For more information, contact the Development Office via email or call 314.587.1234.