(St Louis Business Journal) Growing a talent pipeline to accelerate innovation in St. Louis

The Danforth Center, BRDG Park and 39 North are creating opportunities for individuals to find sustainable bioscience careers, accelerating innovation in the process.

The Danforth Center’s Education Research and Outreach Lab is dedicated to training the next generation of scientists from K-12 through graduate student level. By providing hands-on technician training, the St. Louis Community College’s Center for Plant and Life Sciences at BRDG Park is also helping to meet the need for skilled hands at the bench.

“By providing early STEAM education, training and internship opportunities, the Danforth Center is building scientific and entrepreneurial capacity, and we are encouraged to see a new regional commitment to fostering a more robust and diverse talent pipeline that will provide quality jobs to a diverse community, creating a stronger future for all St. Louisans,” said Stephanie Regagnon, executive director of Innovation Partnerships at the Danforth Center.

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