“I landed a multi-million-dollar government contract at the event last month.”

“Some of my best clients have come from the 39 North gatherings." 

“The number of connections we made at Venture Café @39N was unlike anything they we have back home.”  - Latin American visitors. 

From exciting breakout sessions to impactful networking opportunities, Venture Café is designed to connect innovators and entrepreneurs. Attend our next Venture Café at 39 North on October 15 to create your own success story:

Branding Unveiled

Content sessions will be designed to explore the art of developing and sustaining a brand through innovation and creativity. A strong brand has a powerful influence on your reputation,  ability to engage with your customers and compete in the marketplace. Join us to learn more about how to develop and maintain brand equity, awareness and sustainability.

Content Sessions:

Lighting the Fuse by Return to Power | 4:00-5:00pm

Because how you show up determines what shows up for you, your personal brand may be the most important asset you'll ever develop. This session takes a deep dive into understanding what passion really is, how purpose can ignite that light and become the bridge between your inner fire and your outer presence, and how you can share that light with the world in a way that defines and enhances your personal brand.
Twitter: @DixieDynamite

Telling our #STLMade Story by #STLMade | 5:00-5:30pm

Join the #STLMade movement within the St. Louis region to shine a light on the stories of our innovative, tenacious, big-hearted people and what they're doing to keep our region moving forward. We're celebrating all the reasons that St. Louis is a place where you can start something, get the support to stand out, and stay right here to do it.
Twitter: @in_thestl

How Can There Be Race Cars in Marlboro Country? by Rob Petrovich Marketing | 5:30-6:30pm

How exactly do Indy race cars fit in with the Marlboro brand narrative, one built on the dramatic symbolism of the cowboy and American West? Rob Petrovich who spent 3-years writing for Marlboro, one of the world’s most iconic brands, will answer that question in this session. Come along for an adventure in branding as he shares his unique perspective on the core creative principles for Marlboro Country advertising, and how that thinking still applies to brands today.
Twitter: @PetrovichRob

Social Media Mindset by EWL Consulting LLC | 6:30-7:30pm

As social media marketing has become a mainstream way of creating attention, there are many people that still find discomfort with the idea of projecting their brand into the market. Some people don’t feel confident in their personal social media skills or could be overwhelmed with other business logistics. Evan will present a unique re-frame in understanding the power of social media marketing and how to find more confidence with projecting their brand.

The 3 Stories Your Organization Must Tell for Consistent Success by SLAM! Agency | 6:30-7:30pm

Does your startup or organization suffer from inconsistent and confusing messaging? If you notice it, chance are your potential customers do to. In this session, you’ll learn about the 3 stories your brand MUST tell to connect with your audience in a powerful way.
Twitter: @weareslam

No need to register ahead of time, you can sign-in at the door.

Hope to see you there - bring a friend!