Meet the Bohneys

Seeing the world can be eye-opening. It’s a way to experience different cultures, meet new people, and explore unique locations. But it can also bring to light the aspects of life that Westerners often take for granted, like daily access to nutritious food.

“John and I both like to travel,” says Cheryl Bohney, a retired IT auditor. “When you go other places in the world, you see that they don’t have what we have in the U.S.”

Cheryl’s husband John is a retired electronics quality assurance representative for the federal government. He specialized in missiles and aircraft. They met while working at McDonnell Douglas.

“I love science,” says John. “After I retired, I started volunteering at the St. Louis Science Center in the DNA Zone. That’s where I first started hearing about the Danforth Center and the cutting-edge genetics research going on there.”

John and Cheryl attended a Danforth Center Conversations event in 2005 and learned about the Center’s work to promote food security, and their twin interests—science and helping others—combined. They joined on the spot as Danforth Society members and have been annual givers ever since.

They have also joined the Legacy Society by including the Danforth Center in their estate plans. “We used to give to several nonprofits,” says Cheryl, “But we were so impressed that we decided to focus our giving on the Danforth Center.”

“There’s a real need,” adds John. “The Danforth Center has the equipment, the talent, and the cutting-edge research to make a real difference. To feed the world is a good challenge.”

When you make a planned gift to the Danforth Center, you create a legacy of hope for people around the world. And some gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, can make a difference for both others and yourself. If you are thinking about updating your will, or If would just like to learn more about planned giving, please contact Joyce Pluhar, the Danforth Center’s director of major and planned gifts, via email or by calling 314.587.1071.