Hometown Pride:

Susan and Cicardi Bruce

Ask Susan and Cicardi Bruce which charities they support and you’ll be met with a chuckle. “How long have you got for the list?” he asks.

With service on an estimated 35 to 40 boards over the years, including the Saint Louis Zoo’s Marlin Perkins Society, American Cancer Society, and the Saint Louis Ambassadors where he’s currently chairman, Cicardi views helping his hometown as a personal mission: “I’m a fourth generation St. Louisan. My family prospered in St. Louis with our commercial printing operation, and I want to give back.”

Danforth Center Legacy Society members Susan and Cicardi Bruce are regular attendees at galas and fundraising events all around St. Louis, where they aim to “give back” to the community.

Susan adds “I grew up in South Carolina, but after 20 years, I guess you could say I’m a St. Louisan too. The scope of philanthropy is much grander here. There’s a wonderful camaraderie and spirit of community. That’s what led us to the Danforth Center.”

The Bruces learned of the Danforth Center through the philanthropic community. When they attended their first Conversations event, there were several friends waiting to greet them. “We walked in and here were all these people we knew,” says Susan. “We realized the Danforth Center must have something special going on.”

Of all the work that I’ve done with nonprofits, the most important of any of them is the Danforth Center.

Danforth Center Legacy Society member Cicardi Bruce


Cicardi goes on to explain: “Of all the work that I’ve done with nonprofits, the most important of any of them is the Danforth Center. We can’t feed the people we have now—how are we going to feed 3 billion more by 2050? The Danforth Center is not only helping feed people, they are bringing new business and technology to St. Louis. It’s a win-win.”

“The work of the Danforth Center is very synergistic,” says Susan. “There’s no winner-loser. It’s helping all people, both here in St. Louis and around the world.”

Cicardi and Susan have been Danforth Society members since 2018. They have also created a legacy of support by adding the Danforth Center to their estate plans.

“The Danforth Center is the largest independent research institute for plant science in the world – and it’s helping community and business development in St. Louis,” says Cicardi. “My goal now is to make sure more people know about it.”

Get Involved

When you make a planned gift to the Danforth Center, you create a legacy of hope for people around the globe and new companies and jobs for people in St. Louis. Learn more on our website, or contact the Development Office via email or phone at 314.587.1234.