Getu Beyene Duguma: Sowing the Seeds

Getu Beyene Duguma has been well-acquainted with plants and their importance for as long as he can remember. Growing up in Ethiopia in a subsistent farming family, he was surrounded by food crops. His parents worked about 2–3 hectares of land, cultivating a diverse range of crops like teff, sorghum, and corn. “My interest in plants was not a mere choice but a necessity,” Getu says. “From my earliest recollections as a child, our lives were intricately tied to the cultivation of these crops for survival.”

For families who depend on farming, there is a nearly endless list of threats that can affect the yield of their crops and, in turn, their livelihoods. From pests and diseases to droughts and floods, the challenges are plentiful. Learn more about Getu and his journey here!

I am motivated by the tangible differences we can make and the challenges we can overcome in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture.

Getu Beyene Duguma, PhD,
Senior Research Scientist & Senior Manager of Regulatory Science