Danforth Center Named a 2023 Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Danforth Center has been named a Top Workplace by the
St. Louis Post-Dispatch for the third year in a row! The awards recognize employers that do well in the eyes of their employees. In the survey, community members gave top scores to the Center for professional development, interdepartmental cooperation and open-mindedness. The honor is a reflection of the work we do together, and the values we uphold. We celebrate the valuable and unique contributions of every member of our community!

Here is what a few of our community members have to say:  

Allison Brown, Executive Assistant: In my 17 years at the Danforth Plant Science Center, it is the people who have made the Center a consistent top workplace in St. Louis.  We are all here to help each other and lend a hand (or a shoulder) when needed. It has always been about the collegial teamwork among scientists and administration. Of course, behind the teamwork is Bill Danforth, whose vision and inspiration remain the foundation of the Center. 

Kyle Gleadle, Technical Analyst: I’ve been working at the Danforth Center since March of 2019. Overall it’s been a great place to grow in my field and learn from my teammates. Everyday has been unique with a variety of different issues. Working with different departments and challenges has allowed me to improve in my field and learn how the different departments operate together. In the process, I’ve met a lot of great people. I enjoy the overall atmosphere of the building and find it a great place to work.

Summer Kelly, Greenhouse Assistant: “The Center is a great place to work because I have awesome coworkers, a great boss and team that are truly more like family. I like working here because I can take ownership of important tasks that further the Center's mission, which I am proud to represent.” 

Stewart Morley, Partnering Scientist: “The thing I like best about working at the Danforth Center is the concentrated amount of brainpower, expertise, and resources available to carry out my work. In general, people are happy to collaborate and provide the support needed to accomplish one another’s scientific goals. It’s also exciting to see how the Center’s impact is growing and affecting the buildup of nearby companies and universities.”

Katie Murphy, Director, Plant Phenotyping Facility: “I love working towards our shared mission of making the world a better place through science. I feel the work that we do really matters. Every day I get to work with kind, caring coworkers with state-of-the-art facilities in the best place in the world to do plant science!” 

Keith Slotkin, Member: “The Danforth Center tends to hire highly communicative people, and everyone buys into the mission. This creates a culture of people that are willing, capable, and excited to collaborate and work together. You can feel that energy and it can put a spring in your step on a daily basis.”

Chong (TC) Teng, Research Scientist: People work on diverse topics and support each other to answer important biological questions about plants to improve crops. People are from diverse cultural backgrounds. We respect and learn from others.” 

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