Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

Once upon a time, chemical pesticides were used in a broad-spectrum approach that killed beneficial insects along with the crop pests. Now, thanks to a cutting-edge technology developed by Danforth Center scientists, a greener era may be dawning...

Researchers at the Danforth Center have developed technology with a novel mode of action to produce sustainable—and scalable—insect control. Developed jointly by Bala Venkata, PhD, senior research scientist, and Nigel Taylor, PhD, associate member and Dorothy J. King Distinguished Investigator, the approach uses RNA interference (RNAi) to target highly specific insects. The new start-up, RNAissance Ag, was recently launched by the Danforth Center and venture firm TechAccel to speed the development of new sprayable products.

Bala Venkata

RNA interference technology provides insect control with less waste, fewer health risks, and no collateral damage.

-Bala Venkata, PhD, Danforth Center scientist and co-founder

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