(AgFunderNews) Why Invaio Sciences acquired Peptyde Bio: ‘Peptides represent a major opportunity for biologicals’

Peptyde Bio emerged in 2022 as the first company to come out of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center‘s Danforth Technology Company. From the get-go, a quick exit seemed possible, Tom Laurita, CEO of Danforth Technology Company and interim CEO of Peptyde Bio, tells AgFunderNews.

“We knew when we founded the company that there were several factors working in favor of a quick exit: a strong technology and IP base; support from the Danforth Center; the ability to attract top talent as a Danforth startup; and emerging consensus in industry that peptides represent a major opportunity.”

“That said, there was no certainty that all factors would work together so quickly, so we were ready to grow Peptyde Bio patiently through fund raise rounds,” he adds.

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