About the Danforth Center Summer Intern Research Areas

Founded in 1998, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is home to more than 130 scientists who are conducting fundamental research with short-, mid- or long-term applied goals. Research team leaders, referred to as Principal Investigators, have strong interdisciplinary research skills with diverse training and are committed to collaborations between research groups within the Danforth Center and with researchers across the globe.

  • Douglas Allen
    Analysis of metabolic networks of oilseed plants to enhance biomass composition by combined experimental and computational methods.

  • Rebecca Bart
    Mechanisms and genomics of plant-microbe interactions in cassava and other plants

  • Ivan Baxter
    A systems approach to elemental profiling to understand how plants adapt to the environment.

  • James Carrington
    Understanding how small RNA is utilized by plants to silence genes in controlling growth, development and viruses defense.                                     
  • Brad Evans
    Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry
  • Andrea Eveland
    Gene regulatory mechanisms controlling plant architecture traits in cereal crops

  • Malia Gehan
    Plant response to temperature stress and development of high-throughput phenotyping technologies

  • Toby Kellogg
    Diversity in wild grasses and how that helps understand cereal crops.                                                                                                                                                       
  • Blake Meyers
    The function, biogenesis, and evolution of small RNAs and how these impact reproductive biology in plants; disease resistance genes; bioinformatics

  • Todd Mockler
    Genomic and computational approaches to understand how growth, yield and biomass production are affected by plants’ responses to stress, light and day length.

  • Dmitri Nusinow
    Understanding how the circadian clock is integrated with environmental signals to control plant growth, physiology and development.

  • Sona Pandey
    Plant hormone signaling: Abscisic acid and drought response.

  • Keith Slotkin
    Bioinformatics, protein biology/western blotting, molecular bio/genetics/epigenetics.

  •  Chris Topp
    Image-based phenotyping and statistical genetic approaches to understanding the role that root systems play in developing more sustainable and productive crops.

  • James Umen
    Cell biology of algal growth, proliferation, reproductive evolution and development.

  • Sam Wang
    Lipid signaling-Role of lipids in regulate plant growth and stress responses.

  • Ru Zhang
    Understanding how photosynthesis interacts with environments by using algal genomics and plant spectroscopy.