To be completed by each intern by Friday, June 7, 2019

DDPSC Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

The National Science Foundation now requires that all newly NSF-funded personnel participate in a Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) program at the Danforth Center.  As a Summer Intern, you will complete two ethics training components:

  • Participation in the RCR session at the annual scientific retreat
  • Completion of a web-based overview that every researcher at the Danforth Center be required to complete once.This web-based instruction will cover the breadth of subject matter in the conduct of ethical scientific research and point to specific Danforth policies.

Completing the web-based RCR Training

The web-based RCR training is located on the Danforth Center intranet (therefore, you must access the training from within the Danforth Center).  If you do not have access to a lab computer, you may use the library computers to complete the training. 

  • You must be logged-in to the computer with your Danforth ID. If you’re using a library computer, it is likely logged in as “library.” You will need to log-off and log-in as yourself. To ensure you are logged in:
    • Log out of the computer you are using (shift-control-delete, choose log-off)
    • Log in using your Danforth ID (FInitialLastName, i.e., jsmith). Your default password is “danforth” unless you have previously changed it. Note: you should update your password.

  • Click on each of the 8 RCR modules and complete each module:
    • Introduction to Ethical and Responsible Research
    • Peer Review
    • Mentor-Trainee Relationships
    • Collaborative Research                                                                     
    • Research Integrity
    • Authorship and Publication                            
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Data Ownership, Acquisition, Sharing, and Management