Date: TBD

9:30 AM: Meet in Danforth foyer, carpool to Bayer Chesterfield Campus
10:05 AM: Arrival at building AA & check-in
10:15 AM Tour of Bayer Chesterfield – Biotechnology
12:00 Return back to Danforth Center

Directions to Chesterfield Campus from Danforth Center
Exit Right onto LINDBERGH BLVD SOUTH (go 2.7 miles)
Exit Right onto I-64 West (got 8.2 miles)
Take exit 20 and turn right onto Chesterfield Parkway North
Go straight across Olive Blvd
Turn RIGHT at the BAYER sign
STOP at the Security Station and let the guard know you are there for a tour.
At the round-a-bout, take the first RIGHT
At the bottom of the hill (just after the parking garages), make the first LEFT (in front of the FF building).
The building at the end of this drive is AA.  Parking is located on your left or just before AA on the right.
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Demonstrative Sustainable Agriculture in Practice: Bayer ForwardFraming is a knowledge platform that demonstrates sustainable agriculture in practice. In partnership with independent farmers, the initiative creates opportunities for demonstration, dialogue and collaboration on farms around the world. Tailored solutions, proactive stewardship measures, and partnerships are implemented to show how modern agriculture can go hand in hand with environmental and social responsibility.

Facts on selected crops:

Our Crop Compendium contains wide-ranging information on major crops - such as areas under cultivation and production volumes - and their natural enemies.

Farming’s Future:

A growing world population, shrinking arable land and increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions – these are just a few of the challenges that we at Bayer face every day. The role of agriculture is more significant than ever before. The Farming’s Future App presents solutions for a better life through sustainable agriculture in a user-friendly format.