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United States Golf Association Taps Danforth Center To Improve Course Sustainability
Research will advance the development of salt-tolerant turf varieties.
paspalum through the United States Golf Association, USGA, Turfgrass and Environmental Research, as a turfgrass on coastal golf courses, including The Olympic golf course in Rio de Janeiro. Soil, .” Their discoveries will advance the development of more robust turfgrass varieties that require less fresh water, in turfgrass research,” said Michael Kenna, Ph.D., research director, USGA. “Research conducted, and sustainable practices. Increasing the effectiveness of turfgrass breeding and genetic research
Announcing New Research to Address Global Food Security and the Sustainability of Coastal Golf Courses
The Danforth Center’s mission to improve the human condition through plant science directly translates to addressing the food security and sustainability challenges in our world.
Golf Association (USGA), Turfgrass and Environmental Research Program is focused on improving salt, that have the potential to produce turfgrass varieties that require less fresh water and fewer chemical
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paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum), which is a turfgrass used for golf courses on salty sites, turfgrass to handle salt affected soils is a goal of the golf industry, and is also directly relevant, precise, and this added precision will increase the efficiency of turfgrass breeding and research. Our, of the world’s staple food crops. The development of more robust turfgrass cultivars that require less