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2017 Recipient of Africa Food Prize Highlights Women’s Role in Agriculture
SEEDS of CHANGE speaker Ruth Oniang’o shares lessons learned through her life’s work to improve food security
of Danforth Center scientists in cassava, teff, millet—African food crops— is so important! I want
X-ray Imaging in Plant Biology: Seeing the Unseen
Keith Duncan, a research scientist in Chris Topp's lab, was recently featured on A Scientist Walks into a Bar, a podcast from Science on Tap and Via Productions. Listen to the podcast to hear him discuss x-ray imaging in plant biology.
maize roots ~39:53 3D x-ray tomography scan of Teff grass
DuPont Pioneer and Danforth Center Collaborate to Apply Cutting-edge Technologies to Improve Crops for Smallholder Farmers
The suite of technologies DuPont Pioneer is providing to the project is revolutionary
food security crops such as teff, sorghum and millets provides exciting new possibilities