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Benson Hill and CTC Establish Partnership in Sugarcane to Increase Yield
Danforth Center Researchers' company announces a partnership that involves translation of Benson Hill’s technology from its Setaria viridis model plant platform to CTC’s commercial sugarcane varieties for further development and commercialization.
Benson Hill and CTC Establish Partnership in Sugarcane to Increase Yield, St. Louis, MO, USA, company, and CTC - Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, a market leader in Brazilian sugarcane, announced the establishment of a partnership to develop and commercialize traits to increase sugarcane crop yield, model plant platform to CTC’s commercial sugarcane varieties for further development, the Brazilian sugarcane market,” said William Burnquist, CTC’s director of research and development
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Sugarcane research company to open North American headquarters in St. Louis
The world’s largest sugarcane technology company selects BRDG Park
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch) Sugarcane research company to open North American headquarters in St. Louis, The world’s largest sugarcane technology company selects BRDG Park READ MORE, (Collection), (Collection)
CTC Genomics selects St. Louis as the site of its North American research headquarters
Brazilian Ag Bio Firm Specializes in Sugarcane
, MO – May 2, 2018– Leaders of Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, CTC, the world’s largest sugarcane, (BRDG) Park is built. CTC Genomics will focus on developing new platforms for sugarcane which, sugarcane, one of the most complex crops to develop. CTC leaders made a wise choice of placing their bet on St. Louis to help them make sugarcane a competitive and valuable crop for farmers, on research, development, and marketing of varieties of sugarcane and other disruptive technologies
What are Second Generation Biofuels?
Second generation fuels are made from inedible parts of the plant and thus do not compete with the food supply. Currently, most of the ethanol in the U.S. comes from corn seed and is produced in a process that is very similar to brewing beer from ...
/sugarcane- based biofuel feedstocks. Learn more about biofuels and our Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Plant Pulse
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences and events, and the impact of plant science.
of core STEM jobs. Sorghum Checkoff, Dow AgroSciences Commits to Sugarcane Aphid Control, to controlling the sugarcane aphid in U.S. sorghum production. Follow us on Twitter
Investing in Young Scientists for Global Impact
Recently, our Institute for International Crop Improvement sponsored four early-career scientists to attend the 7th annual South Asia Biosafety conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the premiere biosafety meeting in South Asia.
Research, Kanpur Dr. Manoj V M, Division of Crop Improvement, ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, . Manoj V.M. ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu , (Collection
New Discovery Will Enhance yield and quality of Cereal and Bioenergy Crops
A team of scientists led by Thomas Brutnell, Ph.D., have developed a new way of identifying genes that are important for photosynthesis in maize, and in rice
photosynthesis in plants like rice. C4 crops including maize, sorghum, switchgrass and sugarcane
Understanding Kranz Anatomy to Help Boost Photosynthetic Efficiency in Crops
A priority for plant scientists is to better understand the mechanisms that affect plant productivity to aid both breeding and engineering efforts aimed at increasing yield.
, such as maize and sugarcane, are the most photosynthetically efficient crops in the world
(Biofuels Digest) Don’t Smoke That Fuel: ARPA-E funds energy research in tobacco, turpentines, camelina
Transformative yields for terrestrial plant oils of up to 4,000 gallons per acre are the goal of new research awards from ARPA-E.  In Washington, the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), today announced 60 cuttin ...
of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign team will engineer sugarcane and sorghum to produce and store oil instead, in which sugarcane accumulates sugar. 3. Maximizing oil storage in perennial plants and woody, sugarcane and sorghum to produce and store oil, a biodiesel fuel, instead of sugar. The team will optimize, similar to the way in which sugarcane accumulates sugar. University of Florida Commercial Production
Danforth Center Scientists Uncover a Genetic Mechanism that Could Enhance Yield Potential in Cereal Crops
Precise Regulation of Plant Hormones in Early Reproductive Development as a Target for Yield Increases
cereal crops and bioenergy feed stocks such as maize, sorghum, switchgrass and sugarcane