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(St. Louis Business Journal) Danforth Center Wins $8 Million DOE Grant for Sorghum Project
The grant supports a program focused on progressing research on sorghum as a bioenergy source. 
of sorghum and combine that information with phenotype data to look at the physical makeup
Understanding Root Growth and Physiology
The genetic basis of root system architecture (RSA)
Science Center uses a semi-automated optical tomography (OPT) system to phenotype crop root systems, . In the long-term, the Topp laboratory aims to understand how genotype directs phenotype for agriculturally
(International Innovation- North America) Adaptive Agriculture
Dr. Thomas Brutnell expands on his continued research into the genetic makeup of crop plants such as maize. In this enlightening interview, he illuminates how a more complete picture could have an impact on not only genetic engineering but, ultimately, the future of agriculture.

genetics – using the phenotype as our guide – we use the Ds as a molecular tag to isolate sequences, ). We can then examine the phenotype of the plants (how they look) and associate the gene sequence we have isolated with that phenotype. Reverse genetics, on the other hand, uses gene sequences
Danforth Plant Science Center Receives $8M For Big Data Research Program To Advance Development of Key Bioenergy Crop
Understanding key phenotype-to-genotype associations will enhance efforts to bring products to market.
Danforth Plant Science Center Receives $8M For Big Data Research Program To Advance Development of Key Bioenergy Crop , Understanding key phenotype-to-genotype associations will enhance efforts to bring products to market St. Louis, MO - The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announced today it was awarded an $8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA–E TERRA program, on sorghum and will integrate phenotype and genomic results to create a high-quality reference dataset
Postdoctoral Associate - Bioinformatics
and integration (sequence, phenotype, environment and other data sets), data management, and original research on computational methods for plant phenotype analysis from data collected with cameras, sensors
Malia Gehan
methods of measuring plant phenotype. Improved measurement of plant phenotypes To measure, and accurately measure a plant phenotype over time. Therefore, the Gehan Lab also focuses on developing
Lab News
. Long-term, he aims to understand how genotype directs phenotype for agriculturally important traits
Partnership with Benson Hill Biosystems Focuses Efforts on Sorghum as a Next-Generation Bioenergy Source
Sorghum’s adaptability to diverse environments, low fertilizer requirements, high biomass potential and its compatibility with row crop production position it to become the premier bioenergy crop in the United States.
the course of a growing season. Understanding key phenotype-to-genotype associations will enhance
National Science Foundation Funds Multi-Institutional Project to Improve Harvests of One of the Most Important Crops in U.S. Agriculture
Danforth Center Receives $3.4M to Improve Maize Architecture
, will develop novel methods for predicting a plant’s phenotype from its genetic code and precisely, phenotype from genotype will also be explored. “One of the things that excites me the most about this grant is the exploration of multivariate statistical genotype-to-phenotype models that we plan
St. Louis Science Fair Honors Danforth Center Lab Assistant
Danforth Center part-time laboratory assistant, Ketan Jain-Poster, a senior at Clayton High School, was selected as a top ten finalist at The Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair Honors Division competition.
including popping efficiency (PE), popping expansion volume (PEV) and the actual phenotype of the popped