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Scientists Develop Groundnut Resistant to Aflatoxin
Discovery could reduce food waste and improve trade
Scientists Develop Groundnut Resistant to Aflatoxin , ST. LOUIS, MO, November 1, 2017 – Scientists, breakthrough by suppressing the aflatoxin-producing fungus in groundnut. The discovery has, groundnut, maize, cottonseed and chilly, produce these toxins which suppress the immune system, hinder, in soil for years. It infects maize and groundnut during drought and heat stress. Contamination also, groundnut. If deployed commercially, this technology has significant potential to contribute to food
Unique Imaging Platform to Advance Research on the Development of Roots
The new system is the first of its kind dedicated to plant science in the U.S. academic research sector and can provide accelerated insight into what affects plant growth.
such as cassava, potato, groundnut and others that are important for food security in many regions
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