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(Greenhouse Management) A Look Inside Plants
PET scans and X-rays can improve our understanding of plants, say researchers at two St. Louis, Missouri, institutions.
(Greenhouse Management) A Look Inside Plants, PET scans and X-rays can improve our understanding of plants, say researchers at two St. Louis, Missouri, institutions. Read More, (Collection), (Collection)
Springtime is harvest time for the Kutchan Lab
Megan collecting Galanthus specimens Gloriosa were grown in the greenhouse
Springtime is harvest time for the Kutchan Lab, Megan collecting Galanthus specimens Gloriosa were grown in the greenhouse, (Collection), (Collection)
Commerce Department Shares Vision of a Prosperous Future for Region
The Danforth Center and BRDG Park’s placement at the epicenter of the burgeoning plant and life science ‘node’ in St. Louis County has helped attract another grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, this one awarding $4.6 million to the St. Loui ...
building the Center’s third greenhouse, at a cost of $8.25 million. “This badly needed greenhouse, to have the capacity to accommodate that,” said Fiorello. At 20,000 square feet, the new greenhouse, that greenhouse space is often rented out to tenants of nearby BRDG Park and other institutions. This serves as a steady revenue stream for the Center, which already staffs a skilled team of greenhouse technicians and caretakers. Additionally, the greenhouse space is yet another asset that attracts
Research Team
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Bugging Out
How beneficial bugs have revolutionized Danforth Center pest control.
Center greenhouse, Fabbri has developed that early interest into a passion for beneficial, to greenhouse plants, the Danforth Center was able to reduce reliance on traditional sprayed pesticides over, ." - Sally Fabbri, Danforth Center greenhouse crop specialist What Are BCAs? Biocontrol agents, , and mites that wreak havoc in the greenhouse. Their use is harnessing nature to keep pests, the biggest pest in the greenhouse, but we have barely sprayed for them since the introduction
(St. Louis Business Journal) Danforth Center’s greenhouses, chambers can make it rain or shine
By Matthew Hibbard, Reporter- St. Louis Business Journal Scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center can study plants near and far without ever boarding a plane. They’re able to mimic Missouri’s cooler springtime temperatures in the dead ...
chambers, 22 custom-designed growth rooms and 30 customized reach-in chambers. The third greenhouse range, Greenhouse C, will open next spring. Construction on the $9 million, 20,200-square-foot project
Another Prominent U.S. Cabinet Representative Tours the Center
With two grants recently connected to the Center from the U.S. Department of Commerce (see pages 4 and 5), a visit from one of their representatives serves as further recognition of the growing national prominence of the Danforth Center. The Commerc ...
third greenhouse. Fernandez emphasized the importance of regional infrastructure that can support high, of the greenhouse is not only good for the Center, but also for the region, as evidenced by the variety of early-stage, mid-stage and large companies already using greenhouse I and II– a great
(St. Louis Public Radio) Danforth Center Collaborative Research Project Aims to Reduce Hunger in Developing World | Part 1
In many parts of East and Central Africa, farmers are experiencing declining yields of cassava due to brown streak virus, a plant disease that can render a crop inedible.
(St. Louis Public Radio) Danforth Center Collaborative Research Project Aims to Reduce Hunger in Developing World | Part 1, As botanist Nigel Taylor moves through a greenhouse kept to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent humidity, he checks the stems of young, potted cassava plants. “You can see it there, OK?” Taylor said, pulling one forward. “We’re getting lesions on the stem, this plant’s quite badly infected.” Call it manioc, tapioca or cassava — this starchy, tropical tuber feeds
Algae and Bling and LouFest, Oh My!
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is heading to LouFest again on August 27-28, where thousands of music fans from across the country will descend on St. Louis for the Music Festival. Join us in the Eco Zone to learn more about local organizat ...
, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere., (Collection), (Collection)