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(Agri-Pulse) Farm Hands on the Potomac - House aide Pam Miller moves to Food and Nutrition Service
Danforth Center adds New Joint Faculty Members
(Agri-Pulse) Farm Hands on the Potomac - House aide Pam Miller moves to Food and Nutrition Service, Danforth Center adds New Joint Faculty Members Read More, (Collection), (Collection)
Research Institute to Improve Crop Productivity in the Developing World
Science improving food security with collaboration.
the productivity and nutritional value of food security crops, and to advance delivery of improved, disease and pest management, genomics, advanced breeding, and nutrition to staple crops that contribute to food security, and that are underserved by commercial agriculture. Recent work has focused, they will have disproportionate impact. Enhanced staple crops will provide improved food security, nutrition and economic stability to smallholder farmers and their families. Learn more over
2018 Ag Innovation Showcase Keynote Speaker Revealed
From Farm to Plate, join us Sept 10-12 in St. Louis
of innovation in agriculture and food: exploring biofuels, biomaterials, microbials, animal health, alternative proteins, new sources of food and the future of agriculture. This year, the Danforth, plant nutrition solutions. Dr. Mehmood Khan, MD, vice chairman and chief scientific officer of Global, innovation in novel plant-based foods and nutrition, within the context of dramatic shifts in consumer
Celebrating 100 Years of the Global Impact of Dr. Norman Borlaug
This year, National Agriculture Day coincides with the centennial anniversary date of Dr. Norman Borlaug’s birthday. The 1970 Nobel Laureate was an inspiration to all who believe in the importance of plant science.
the Great Depression. Borlaug's mission in life was "Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world" and he worked endlessly to improve agriculture, nutrition and the food system for people, at the U.S. Capitol today. The statue was first unveiled at the World Food Prize in October. Born, and increased the production of soybeans. In 1986, Borlaug founded The World Food Prize with the hope that it would become the “Nobel Prize for Food and Agriculture” to recognize and inspire breakthrough
Rising Temperatures May Safeguard Crop Nutrition as Climate Changes
Hotter temperatures may offset the negative effects of higher carbon dioxide levels on seed quality, according to a two-year soybean field study.
Rising Temperatures May Safeguard Crop Nutrition as Climate Changes, ST. LOUIS, MO, January 22, , but at the cost of nutrition. A new study in Plant Journal from the University of Illinois, U.S. Department, that will affect crops in the future—and rising temperatures may actually benefit nutrition but at the expense, Celsius may help preserve seed quality, offsetting the effects of carbon dioxide that make food less, in different ways, making it very hard to predict how our changing climate will affect our food
Celebrating the 10th Ag Innovation Showcase
The 2018 Showcase will explore an array of data-driven innovation in novel plant-based foods and nutrition, within the context of dramatic shifts in consumer demand and demographics.
Center in St. Louis! We are thrilled to celebrate a decade of innovation in the agriculture and food, from biofuels to new sources of food. With your support and continued passion and participation, we, . In commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Ag Showcase, we're highlighting the full spectrum of the food, nutrition solutions. We will talk to and present solutions from producers of fertilizers, biologicals, seeds, and plant health promoters and to novel food producers. We will embrace discussions
Howard G. Buffett Foundation Teams Up With the Danforth Plant Science Center and DuPont to Deliver Nutritionally-Enhanced Sorghum to Africa
 Grant Funds Next Phase in Bringing Healthier Sorghum Closer to Underserved Communities  ST. LOUIS, MO, and DES MOINES, IA, May 4, 2011 – The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and DuPont today announced a $4 million grant from the Howard G. Buffe ...
the stage for delivering enhanced food crops that can improve the nutrition of people in the developing, and minimal nutrition in dry areas of Africa such as in the Sahel, the area of Africa just south, as the staple food source. Additionally, the biofortified sorghum may become important in new geographies, is the leading cause of acquired blindness in children in the developing world. “Improving the nutrition, and life of targeted communities in Africa – not only by offering improved nutrition, but by providing
Cassava High In Iron and Zinc Could Improve Diets and Health In West Africa
Field-grown cassava plants overexpressing a combination of plant genes can accumulate significantly higher concentrations of iron and zinc.
and reduced cognitive development. Developing new varieties of a staple food crop with elevated, , which means that better nutrition can actually reach the dinner plate and the digestive tract, author, Dr. Narayanan Narayanan. To identify the impact of food processing on mineral levels, . "Biofortified cassava has the potential to improve the nutrition and health of millions of people, from these special plants, and therefore in every bite of food prepared from them.” Researchers
2011 Ag Showcase Announces International "Who's Who" of Speakers & Panels
Panels Focus on Agricultural Solutions to Global Crises in Food Production and Security, Environmental and Energy Concerns A robust schedule of panels and keynote addresses featuring an international “who’s who” of speakers from leading agricultur ...
-bio, food and nutrition, biofuels, sustainable materials, clean-tech, information technology, 2011 Ag Showcase Announces International "Who's Who" of Speakers & Panels, Panels Focus on Agricultural Solutions to Global Crises in Food Production and Security, Environmental and Energy Concerns, on exploring innovative ideas and opportunities related to agriculture in solving long-term issues in food, ideas for innovation in agriculture, from public policy on food security to energy and sustainable
Danforth Center Announces New Executive Director of the Institute for International Crop Improvement
Donald MacKenzie to lead effort to deliver improved crops where they are needed most
, disease and pest management, genomics, advanced breeding and nutrition to staple crops that impact food, IICI has to deliver solutions for improving food and nutrition security, and that will contribute, expert in regulatory systems for agriculture, including environmental and food safety assessment, impact at the nexus of food security and the environment and position the St. Louis region as a world