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Meet Dr. Doug Allen
In March of 2010 the Center welcomed its newest principal investigator, Dr. Doug Allen. Like his colleague, Dr. Ivan Baxter, Allen joined the Center through its partnership with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in their Plant Genetics Researc ...
Meet Dr. Doug Allen, In March of 2010 the Center welcomed its newest principal investigator, Dr. Doug Allen. Like his colleague, Dr. Ivan Baxter, Allen joined the Center through its partnership, are employed. Dr. Allen has been working with oilseeds, primarily soybeans, throughout his career. A metabolic engineer by training, Allen focuses on seed filling metabolism. This is the study of the metabolic pathways that a plant uses to create the compounds in its seeds. Allen is researching how
Research Areas
Bioenergy Doug Allen Ivan Baxter Noah Fahlgren Malia Gehan Toni Kutchan Todd Mockler Dmitri Nusinow Jim Umen Sam Wang Ru Zhang Crop Improvement Doug Allen Rebecca Bart Ivan, Umen Sam Wang Ru Zhang Enabling Technology Doug Allen Bradley S. Evans Noah Fahlgren, -Environment Interactions Doug Allen Ivan Baxter Jim Carrington Andrea Eveland Noah Fahlgren, Engineering Doug Allen Toni Kutchan Todd Mockler (metabolic) Sam Wang Systems and Synthetic
Zhang Lab Adds Its First Member
Will McHargue joins the Zhang Lab as a lab technician. The Zhang Lab is excited to welcome its first employee!
REU Program where he worked in Doug Allen's Lab investigation carbon fixation pathways in soybeans
synthetic pathways for production of advanced biofuels" 11:30 am Doug Allen, Ph.D., USDA-ARS/DDPSC, Doug Allen, Ph.D., USDA-ARS/DDPSC, and Todd Mockler, Ph.D., DDPSC "Poster Awards and Closing
Research Team
. Research Team Douglas Allen Doug received his Ph.D. in Engineering from Purdue, Douglas Allen, Ph.D. Plants hold the key
The Plant Pulse September 7, 2012
Big Data Helps Farmers Weather Drought’s Damage Wired Friedberg says it’s this fine sifting of climate data that allows farmers to protect themselves better while enabling his company to shore up its own defenses with much greater precision against ...
to interact and learn from state-of-the-art talks on focused topics within biology," said Doug Allen, USDA
International Speakers will Discuss Synthetic and Systems Biology
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center  will be hosting more than 350 registrants, many from around the St. Louis area this week at our 14thannual Fall Symposium, Wednesday, September 26th – Friday, September 28th, 2012. This year’s symposium will ...
on focused topics within biology,” said Doug Allen, USDA Research Scientist, Assistant Member, Donald
The Plant Pulse September 28, 2012
Will Humanity Face a Carbohydrate Shortage? Scientific American Already, agriculture covers 38 percent of the globe and there’s little room to grow further, although once-productive lands in Eastern Europe could be brought back and better managemen ...
-of-the-art talks on focused topics within biology,” said Doug Allen, USDA Research Scientist
July 1, 2019
spring rolls, rice, noodles, chicken, veggies, donuts) Today's speaker: Dr. Doug Allen, Associate
Understanding how green algae sense high temperatures and regulate heat responses
Guest Blogger, Will McHargue, former REU intern and current technician in the Zhang laboratory highlights photosynthetic systems research.
was assigned to spend the summer with the Doug Allen Laboratory researching soybean metabolism using an advanced method called isotopic labeling. As I met the members of the Allen Laboratory and was briefed, to the fantastic mentorship I received from Doug Allen and the members of his laboratory, by the end, screen conditions It’s been a surreal journey transitioning from an REU intern with the Allen