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Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable FuelsInstitute for International Crop Improvement Core, provides a number of services to researchers including watering, fertilization, and pest scouting, 365 days a year Maintenance of proper soil fertility levels Pest scouting and control measures, transfers to soil, propagation/potting of cuttings, stakes, etc. Crop specific record keeping
Bugging Out
How beneficial bugs have revolutionized Danforth Center pest control.
guess I’ve always liked insects too,” she says. Today, working as a crop specialist in the Danforth, ." - Sally Fabbri, Danforth Center greenhouse crop specialist What Are BCAs? Biocontrol agents, they run out of food. How Does It Work? After scouting for pests, greenhouse staff submit, for this crop because they can penetrate the heavily layered leaves. The majority of the good bugs
Wells Fargo Funded Innovation Incubator Selects First Cohort of Agtech Startups Focused on Sustainable Solutions
Partnership with Danforth Plant Science Center seeks to accelerate technologies that focus on sustainable farming solutions to improve harvests and protect natural resources.
these critical challenges.” IN2 AGTECH COHORT Aker Technologies (Chicago, IL) Automated crop-scouting process that captures and analyzes the presence and intensity of pests and pathogens below the crop, Investigators. CoverCress (St. Louis, MO) Winter crop that covers soil over winter, protecting it from harsh conditions, while producing a low-carbon intensity crop for renewable fuel and food, Investigators. Intrinsyx Bio (Los Altos, CA) Plant probiotics that increase crop yield, reduce excess
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for Renewable FuelsInstitute for International Crop Improvement Core Technologies, Scouting," said Donna K. Martin, chief e ... Read More Wednesday, 02 March