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Bugging Out
How beneficial bugs have revolutionized Danforth Center pest control.
Center greenhouse, Fabbri has developed that early interest into a passion for beneficial biocontrol agents (BCAs) – helpful insects and arachnids – with impressive results. By applying BCAs, ." - Sally Fabbri, Danforth Center greenhouse crop specialist What Are BCAs? Biocontrol agents, commonly used beneficial organisms at the Danforth Center are predatory mites, such as Neoseiulus, of beneficial bugs,” says Fabbri. “In fact, we have to routinely replenish our predatory mite stock because
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. - Natural biocontrol agents of bacterial pathogens of plants to control invasive and destructive, . - Biologics microbial inoculant delivery system, Bio-Yield, stabilizes beneficial microbial, and can be toxic to crops. Bee Vectoring Technologies- Turns bees into delivery agents, , socially-beneficial innovations in science and technology, particularly in agriculture and the life