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(BiofuelsDigest) Transformers: 8 Technologies To Rock the Bio World
by Jim Lane Game changer, breakthrough, revolution, quantum leap. A lot of technologies arrive on the Digest’s doorstep wrapped in one of those descriptors, or another. Sometimes wrapped in all of them. But what are technologies that would really r ...
at this time only achievable with a handful of terrestrial plant forms, and algae – opens up, . But not everyone can use, or grow, algae, and that form of biomass has its own set of special challenges. A 30 ton per acre, sustainably produced, wood or terrestrial crop? Game changer. 5. Algae extraction. While we are on the subject of the special challenges of growing algae, there’s the problem of getting the algae out of the water, or the water out of the algae. Given that a decent
Meet Our IN2 Cohort: Intrinsyx Bio
Intrinsyx Bio has an idea to help more plants make use of gaseous nitrogen, which could translate into major benefits for farmers and our environment.
giving rise to blooms of algae that use up oxygen and release toxins that can cause significant fish