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(Bloomberg) Andean Superfood Lost in Quinoa Craze as Orphan Crop
Orphan crops, a plant that receives little research or market attention compared with agribusiness mainstays, are important for food security and are critical for large numbers of people, but they don’t create significant revenues or profits that can be put into the improvement of that crop. 
(Bloomberg) Andean Superfood Lost in Quinoa Craze as Orphan Crop, By Alan Bjerga and John Quigley May 29, 2014 In the bright sunshine of Bolivia’s Altiplano plateau, 72-year-old Justo Herrera yanks a knee-high stalk of canahua out of the ground as he rushes to complete the harvest before, climate. They are also at risk of disappearing. A cousin, quinoa, is gaining favor with young farmers, , quinoa isn’t as well adapted to changing heat and rainfall patterns as canahua -- a concern
Discover how the Gehan laboratory is working to understand plants’ response to severe temperatures, pests and pathogens.
quinoa, which provides a complete amino acid profile and is also tolerant to many stresses like drought and cold. The more she can discover about quinoa’s phenotype through non-destructive imaging, . FACTS ABOUT QUINOA (KEEN-WAH) • The orphan crop is native to Peru and related to beets, chard, • The grain is packed with protein, fiber and various vitamins and minerals • Quinoa, and moderate salinity • Between 2006 and 2013, Quinoa crop prices tripled , (Collection
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, and switchgrass. The Gehan lab is also very excited to start work on Chenopodium quinoa, as a model system for plant stress resilience. Quinoa is delicious, nutritious, and varieties are reported
Danforth Center Expands with New Principal Investigators
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is growing with the addition of two principal investigators.
crops like quinoa, and will develop new technologies that expand the Center’s investment in phenotyping
Gehan Lab Project: Developing Phenotyping Tools for Analysis of Chenopodium quinoa, quinoa and Camleina sativa Seed Traits through Development of Image Analysis Tools
Fungal Infections Isolated from Rumex crispus on Chenopodium quinoa Kaley
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