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(The Scientist) Andrea Eveland Teases Apart Gene Networks in Crop Plants
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center researcher links complex traits to the genes that underlie them.
(The Scientist) Andrea Eveland Teases Apart Gene Networks in Crop Plants, After years of working in plant nurseries and flower shops, newly graduated biologist Andrea Eveland went looking for lab experience. She found it as a research assistant at Torrey Mesa Research Institute, an agricultural research branch of the biotech company Syngenta. Read More Here, (Collection), (Collection)
Scientists Using Crowdfunding to Sequence the Genome of Joshua Tree
Modern genetic tools could save an ancient Icon of the Mojave.
at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center have teamed up with researchers at Willamette University, climates and environments,” said project scientist Christopher Irwin Smith, a biologist at Willamette, genome,” said Michael McKain, an evolutionary biologist working on the project and a post-doctoral associate at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. “It will allow us to untangle Joshua trees, to survive rising global temperatures.” About The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Founded
(University of Missouri CAFNR News) Building a Bridge
In his new role, Blake Meyers will be collaborating on plant science research with colleagues both at MU and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.
from the perspective of a plant biologist.” Little did Meyers know he would be returning, later go on to pursue both master’s and doctoral degrees in plant genetics at the University, globally impactful plant science research between the University of Missouri and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis. The person hired gets to choose which department/division will be their tenure home, so in this case, Meyers chose to be a part of the Division of Plant Sciences
(St. Louis Public Radio) Missouri Institutions To Share $20 Million Grant To Study Climate Change
The National Science Foundation has awarded $20 million to academic and research institutions across Missouri to study climate change.
Danforth Plant Science Center; Washington University; the University of Missouri-St. Louis; Saint Louis University; and the Saint Louis Science Center. John Walker, a plant biologist at the University, , to helping communities respond better to climate change. The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s
Meet “Conversations” Series Speakers
Danforth Center partnerships with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be topic of dialogue at Danforth Center’s Conversations Series Join us for an enlightening discussion Wednesday, November 16, 2011 from 5:15 – 7:00 p.m. where Moderator Jame ...
Dr. Kahn trained as a plant biologist, and is an alumnus of the Danforth Center, where she, years of experience in corn, soybean and wheat improvement and plant biotechnology development. Prior
Saint Louis University Student Dives Into Plant Genomes
Guest blogger, Grace Kenney explores advanced techniques in the Meyers' Lab.
Saint Louis University Student Dives Into Plant Genomes , Roots & Shoots’ August Guest Blogger, that is fundamentally changing the way we view plant genomes. This summer I had the incredible, plant cells of the greater duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza. Hi-C sequencing can be used, in plant nuclei, enabling us to identify regions of the genome that may be functionally interacting, biologist,” says Alex Harkess, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab who mentored Grace over the summer. “She
Meet 14th Annual Fall Symposium's Speakers 952
Synthetic and systems level explorations in biology are establishing fundamental emergent properties of complex biological systems. The Danforth Center’s 14th Annual Fall Symposium will focus on cutting-edge science that has application to plants or ...
and Principal Investigator, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Dr. Allen’s research interests include, . These investigations give insight to plant metabolism, important for designing crops to meet future, Computational Biologist with the USDA in 2010. Dr. Maciek Antoniewicz, Assistant Professor of Chemical, Dr. Benfey’s research focuses on plant developmental genetics and genomics. He is a fellow, Kathleen Mackey by email at kmackey@danforthcenter.org or by phone: 314-587-1203 Donald Danforth Plant
The Maker Movement at the Danforth Center

More than 60% of the labs in the Center are involved in Maker activities, which also include education and outreach activities. 

The Maker Movement at the Danforth Center, “There is a certain satisfaction from making something yourself and understanding how it works,” said Malia Gehan, Ph.D., a Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Todd Mockler’s Lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Malia is a plant molecular biologist, high-throughput phenotyping technologies, which led her to develop open-source plant trait extraction, , Malia and Noah recognized a need for low-cost plant phenotyping tools and software that would
Plant Pulse
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about world hunger and malnutrition, food security, climate change, biofuels, agriculture, the environment, conferences and events, and the impact of plant science. We hope this compilation of stories and information will serve as an interesting source of information for you.
Plant Pulse, The Agony of Success St. Louis Magazine Tom Smith, a structural biologist at the Danforth Plant Science Center, is helping in the discovery of a way to treat two types of tumors: brain tumors and a rare disease that kills children through green-tea compounds. Farmplicity among, such as coffee, sisal, cashew nuts, tea etc. Ask a Plant Scientist: Dr. Toni Kutchan Roots & Shoots Dr, India from a catastrophic plant disease called Ug99 that can wipe off the entire wheat crop
2020 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow
Zachary N. Harris, third-year PhD student at Saint Louis University, has been named the 2020 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow.
2020 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow, Zachary N. Harris, third-year PhD student at Saint Louis University, has been named the 2020 William H. Danforth Plant Science Fellow, the sixth student, for advancing plant science. Since fall 2017, Harris has been a member of the Allison Miller Lab, where, and science. “I’m a computational biologist at heart. Right now, ag is a specific monocrop resource, than plant science, making the William H. Danforth Graduate Fellowship especially critical in its