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Noah Fahlgren, Home, District Plan Unveiled Noah Fahlgren, PH.D., systems for producing plant natural products (e.g. indigo). Contact Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D., on agriculture. Research Summary The Fahlgren group at the Danforth Center uses and develops, datasets. A major emphasis of the Fahlgren group is collaboration, which enables us to apply the tools
Ask a Plant Scientist: Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D
Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D, director, Bioinformatics Core Facility at the Danforth Center answers a few questions about his research and his involvement with the Center's Maker Group. 
Ask a Plant Scientist: Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D, Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D. was named the director of the Bioinformatics Core Facility in January 2015. Noah joined the Danforth Plant Science Center in 2011 as a postdoctoral associate in Jim Carrington’s lab. He is also a co-founder of the Danforth Center’s Maker Team, a group of 45 Danforth Center scientists, staff and trainees who are spearheading the design and construction of low-cost instruments and software engineering tools to address specific
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District Plan Unveiled Noah Fahlgren, PH.D., on agriculture. Research Team Noah Fahlgren Noah earned his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Noah Fahlgren Director and Principal Investigator Josh Rothhaupt, systems. Noah moved with the Carrington lab to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to develop a new core facility for data science. As a postdoctoral fellow, Noah continued to develop
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Bioenergy Doug Allen Ivan Baxter Noah Fahlgren Malia Gehan Toni Kutchan Todd Mockler Dmitri, Baxter Andrea Eveland Noah Fahlgren Malia Gehan Toby Kellogg Donald MacKenzie Blake Meyers, Umen Sam Wang Ru Zhang Enabling Technology Doug Allen Bradley S. Evans Noah Fahlgren, Andrea Eveland Noah Fahlgren Malia Gehan Toby Kellogg Toni Kutchan Donald MacKenzie Blake Meyers, -Environment Interactions Doug Allen Ivan Baxter Jim Carrington Andrea Eveland Noah Fahlgren
39 North Innovation District Plan Unveiled Directory Dr. Noah Fahlgren's Lab Name Phone Fax Email Title Arash Abbasi 314-587-1230 314-587-1330 aabbasi@danforthcenter.org Postdoctoral Associate Noah Fahlgren
Maker Movement at the Danforth Center
The Maker Group at the Danforth Center is a forum for all members of the Center to explore constructing low-cost hardware and software engineering tools.
in fall 2013 by Center postdoctoral researchers, Doug Bryant, Noah Fahlgren and Malia Gehan, who saw, of the Phenotyping Facility, but at a much lower cost,” said Noah Fahlgren. Most members of the Center’s Maker
The Maker Movement at the Danforth Center

More than 60% of the labs in the Center are involved in Maker activities, which also include education and outreach activities. 

software, PlantCV, with her colleagues, Dr. Noah Fahlgren and Dr. Max Feldman. In the fall of 2013, Malia and Noah recognized a need for low-cost plant phenotyping tools and software that would
Danforth Center’s Maker Group Receives Funding to Support Local STEM Outreach
The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s Maker Group has received a grant from the Raspberry Pi Foundation to engage local educators in the St. Louis region to develop an educational package that introduces students to electronics, plant science and computing.
Maker Group was founded in 2013 by Center postdoctoral researchers, Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D. and Malia, of the Phenotyping Facility, but at a much lower cost,” said Noah. The Group is a forum for all members
The Future of Humanity’s Food Supply Is in the Hands of Artificial Intelligence
Guest blogger, Arash Abbasi, Ph.D., in the Bioinformatics group focuses on AI for Plant Phenotyping 
, I joined the Bioinformatics group at Danforth Plant Science Center led by Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D., at the intersection of plant and data science,” said Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D., Director, Bioinformatics Core
Celebrating Makers at the St. Louis Raspberry Pi Jam

The Danforth Center’s Maker Group hosted its first community event, St. Louis Raspberry Pi Jam, from 1 P.M. - 5 P.M. Nearly 400 people ages 5 – 70 attended the event.

, but at a much lower cost,” said Noah Fahlgren, Ph.D., cofounder of the Danforth Center’ Maker Group