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Danforth Center Announces New Director of Integrated Microscopy Facility
Facility to develop, integrate advanced imaging capabilities for plant science.
, 2019 – The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announced today that Kirk J. Czymmek, Ph.D., has, and biomaterials. “Attracting Kirk Czymmek to the Danforth Center is a big win for us, for the plant, . Czymmek succeeds R. Howard Berg who retired after 19 years in the role. Czymmek is a renowned, , cryo-techniques and correlative microscopy. Czymmek has over 95 refereed publications as his work, through plant science.” Most recently Czymmek served as Vice President of Global ZEISS Microscopy
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Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D. Remarkable, . Research Team Kirk Czymmek Research Team
Danforth Center Expands Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory
New cutting-edge technologies will accelerate discovery.
led by the New Director, Kirk J. Czymmek, Ph.D., who joined the Center in June. The new name, . In September and October, Czymmek will be demonstrating a high-speed versatile 3D and 4D super-resolution, for the benefit of humankind,” said Czymmek. NEW TECHNOLOGIES ZEISS AxioZoom and Image Analysis The new, in cell preservation as it freezes samples in a “life-like” state” Czymmek said. Frozen samples can, -freezing systems. Czymmek is a renowned expert in the field with over 30 years of advanced
Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory
point dryer and a sputter coater. The laboratory director Kirk Czymmek has considerable experience, the work in the hand of our experienced staff. Contact Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D. Director
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Center Dr. Kirk Czymmek, Director, Integrated Microscopy Facility & Principal Investigator, Danforth
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District Plan Unveiled ABL Research Team Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D., Director My lab
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Director, Integrated Microscopy Facility Kirk Czymmek, Ph.D. Learn More
Improving Crops and Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists
Kevin Cox, a postdoctoral associate in Blake Meyers’ lab, recently received the Hanna H. Gray Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Read our blog to learn about the impact that this fellowship will have on his research and career as a plant scientist.
cells and microbes communicate at a cellular level. To do this, he will be collaborating with Kirk Czymmek, director of the Center’s Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory. They will be using a technology, the genes and locate where and how much it is expressed in the plant. By working closely with Kirk