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Zhang Lab First Winterfest Holiday Party
We experienced our first Winterfest Holiday Party at the Danforth Center. We had a lot of fun and want to give a special thanks to all of those who worked hard to make it happen!
to the HR department as well as all of those who helped in the planning of the event and to the food
New Hire to Advance Human Resources
Danforth Center Welcomes Anna Dibble
HR leadership skills this role requires, as well as the balance, finesse and approachability needed
August 2, 2017
Shannon know of any changes you have • Departure Checklist-complete w/ mentor and turn in to HR
June 7, 2017
wish to purchase additional shirts, order forms are due to Vicky Wertich in HR (by June 16
Methods for Performing Crosses in Setaria viridis, a New Model System for the Grasses
Setaria viridis is an emerging model system for C4 grasses. It is closely related to the bioenergy feed stock switchgrass and the grain crop foxtail millet. Recently, the 510 Mb genome of foxtail millet, S. italica, has been sequenced and a 25x coverage genome sequence of the weedy relative S. viridis is in progress. 
on the accession and environmental condition, and can range from 7 min 6 to 2.5 hr 12 in S. italica