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Malia Gehan
nutritional composition and abiotic stress response of plant populations. In particular, the Gehan lab, ) are dynamic and can produce a multitude of phenotypes, therefore the Gehan lab also focuses on improved, and accurately measure a plant phenotype over time. Therefore, the Gehan Lab also focuses on developing, have access to them. Plant systems we focus on The Gehan lab works on grasses Brachypodium, to maize, sorghum, miscanthus, and switchgrass. The Gehan lab is also very excited to start work
The Maker Movement at the Danforth Center

More than 60% of the labs in the Center are involved in Maker activities, which also include education and outreach activities. 

The Maker Movement at the Danforth Center, “There is a certain satisfaction from making something yourself and understanding how it works,” said Malia Gehan, Ph.D., a Postdoctoral Associate in Dr. Todd Mockler’s Lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Malia is a plant molecular biologist, projects,” Gehan said. “The Group is really problem driven.” By promoting custom engineering, IT and facilities, which brings a wider range of skills to the group,” Gehan said. The Maker Movement
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Lab News, Home, . Danforth Wing Dedication Malia Gehan, Ph.D., with their environment. Lab News Monday, 04 April 2016, Journal) Two Scientists Join the Danforth Center Ru Zhang and Malia Gehan will add, (People Behind the Science) Dr. Malia Gehan: Cool Research on Plant Responses to Temperature Stress
Lab: Dr. Malia Gehan Lab Project: Developing Phenotyping Tools, Lab: Dr. Malia Gehan Project: Characterization of Chenopodium quinoa and Camleina, University of Missouri, St. Louis Lab: Dr. Chris Topp Lab Project: Screening, of Missouri, St. Louis Lab: Dr. Toby Kellogg Lab Project: Exploring, Aidan Estelle Oberlin College Lab: Dr. Sona Pandey Lab Project
Researchers Develop a Sustainable Way to Support Local Food Bank
More than 15 Danforth Center employees came together to build and manage the Center's first sustainable community garden.
Volunteers • Rick Meyer, USDA Lab • Matthew Kilgore, Toni Kutchan Lab • Dustin Mayfield-Jones, Tom Brutnell Lab • Carla Coelho, Tom Brutnell Lab • Robyn Stevens, Jim Carrington Lab • Steen Hoyer, Jim Carrington Lab • Noah Fahlgren, Jim Carrington Lab • Malia Gehan, Todd Mockler Lab • Becky Bart, Becky, and positive effect on the surrounding community,” said organizer John Gierer, lab technician in the Mockler lab. Danforth employee volunteers tend to the garden daily that is made up of two 3’x7’ raised
University Dr. Malia Gehan Lab Project: 3D Phenotyping Fungal Infections, University of Connecticut Dr. Todd Mockler Lab Project, Ayers Harris Stowe State University Dr. Meter Nusinow Lab, Preston Bruce Claflin University Dr. Ivan Baxter Lab, Eckhardt Gustavus Adolphus College Dr. Ru Zhang Lab Project: Heat
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Malia Gehan, Ph.D. Malia’s research, Dr. Malia Gehan, Principal Investigator Malia earned her Ph.D. in Plant Biology at Michigan State, recently, she was a Research Scientist in the Mockler Lab (Danforth Center) and a NSF-PGRP, Richards Lab Alumni Michael Miller, 2016 REU Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Monica
CSTM Travel Awards
meetings the year after receiving the award. CSTM Travel Award Recipients2017Alex Harkess (Meyers Lab)Margaret Wilson (Nusinow Lab)Chuanmei Zhu (Kellogg Lab)2016Max Feldman (Baxter Lab)Tariq Islam (Shah Lab)Dianyi Liu (Umen Lab)2015 Kerrigan Gilbert (Carrington Lab) He Huang (Nusinow Lab) Michael McKain (Kellogg Lab)2014 Matthew Zones (Umen Lab) Swarup Roy Choudhury (Pandey Lab) Jackson Gehan (IICI, area of the lab and how this work is moving science forward. Include a statement on any new or novel
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Lab News, Home, agriculture production and biomass accumulation. Lab News, Joins the Zhang Lab as a Summer Intern The Zhang Lab is excited to welcome its next, Ningning Zhang Joins the Zhang Lab as a Post-Doc The Zhang Lab, December 2016 Zhang Lab First Winterfest Holiday Party
) 9:55 AM Miranda McLaughlin, Brigham Young University Dr. Malia Gehan Lab 3D, Gauthier, University of Missouri-Columbia Dr. Toni Kutchan Lab Gene clusters and their effect, Kutchan Lab Improving Camelina as an Economically Viable Crop 9:40 AM Jessica Adams, University of Connecticut Dr. Todd Mockler Lab Analysis of drought-tolerant grasses via sequencing, 10:25 AM Kelsey Reed, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Dr. Tom Brutnell Lab